Covid 19

The situation is improving in most countries in Europe. There are currently no restrictions here in Sweden that would make it difficult for us to organize and carry out this convention. However:

  • We highly recommend that all participants are vaccinated. If the Swedish government at the time of the convention requires us to check vaccination status we will have to adapt to this. An EU Vaccination Certificate or similar might be needed.
  • Do not enter the arena if you feel sick or show symptoms of Covid 19. This responsibility is yours and yours only.
  • All unvaccinated people are recommended to keep their distance and avoid crowded spaces.


EBC2021+1 does not offer transportation to and from the Arena.

Visit for timetables and maps for local buses. Tickets should be purchased via the Skånetrafiken app or at the office of Skånetrafiken at Helsingborg Central station.

You can also buy single bus tickets by tapping a credit card at the ticket reader on the bus (the card must have contact less payment enabled). Two such tickets bought within the same day will result in a 24-hours ticket on your credit card. See


This is a cash free event, we will accept payment via Swish, Paypal and credit card.

Banned Items

The following items are completely banned at the Arena: Nuts, kiwis, citrus fruits, perfumes, nail-polish and hairspray.
There will be no areas in which nail-polish or hairspray will be allowed. The usage of these products is to be completed before you arrive at the Arena.
The reason for this is the number of severely allergic members within the region who, if exposed to any of the above-mentioned allergens, could be forced to visit the emergency room. This information applies to all competitioners, regardless of organization. 


EBC = European Barbershop Convention
EC = European Championship
SA = Sweet Adelines
BHS = Barbershop Harmony Society
NLR = Nordic Light Region (Sweet Adelines Region 32)
SNOBS = Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers
STIM = Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå (Swedish Performing Rights Society)

NCB = Nordisk Copyright Bureau